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"The One" Leg Massager with Air Compression, Calf & Foot Rollers

"The One" Leg Massager with Air Compression, Calf & Foot Rollers

"The One" Leg Massager with Air Compression, Calf & Foot Rollers

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Have you ever had pain in your feet? Have you ever had the feeling of wanting a deeply relaxing massage?

Wait no more!


This dual-functional massage provides relief to not only your calf muscles but your feet as well Experience the hi-quality relief this product is able to provide, by having a strong built-in harmonious connection via the wonderful Air Compression Calf & Foot Rollers features. 



These two wonderful features provide the great capability of giving you a powerful long-lasting sensational feeling within your leg muscles.  Experience unparalleled comfort with this Dual Action Technology Combined with soothing heat, "The one" Leg Massager offers an amazing in-home massage therapy you can enjoy on a daily basis.


Massage therapy can be effective in alleviating symptoms such as muscle soreness and pain, complications arising from medical conditions, and even improve psychological well-being by reducing anxiety and stress.

"The one" Leg Massager is definitely a treat for sore feet.



  • Air Compression and Rubbing Massage Rollers - By offering comprehensive coverage on the calves, air compression cells and powerful massage nodes work in unison for an unprecedented shiatsu massage therapy in the comfort of your own home
  • Foot Rollers - Strategically placed massage rollers underneath the soles provide a phenomenal deep reflexology massage unlike any other
  • User-Friendly Control Panel - Simplified control panel for straight forward user experience – select from automatic modes, massage intensity levels, and heat compression
  • All the Right Angles - Ergonomic design features tilting angles to suit different seating positions, to maximize the massage experience
  • Removable Cleanable Liner - Zippered liner allows easy removal for cleaning

 How To Use

1. Plug it in

2. Power it on

3. Adjust the different settings in conjunction to help comfort you "Auto, Sole roller, Air pressure, Intensity, and the Heating Therapy button. 

4. Pull the upper part of the product upwards, receive a nice knee massage

5. Not only that, but you can use it to receive a nice knee massage as well.

Package includes:

  • 1 X "The One Leg Massager with Air compression, Calf & Foot Rollers


  Great Value
Came whole, business lines, but had to pay extra 170r., in order not to go outside the city to the delivery point, after pulled out the film-fuse-remote control, the remote control all exactly does not work, maybe the reason in the battery, try to change, later add a comment, the cable is very short, only 1 m, put the adapter euro plug, To our sockets at a height from the floor in a meter does not reach, you have to use a carry, the buttons on the massager are all in Chinese, but you can figure out, for us it massages painful, but you can put on a weak mode or choose a foot-free massage, the seller answered the questions quickly, but on the site showed, That Long did not send the goods, until it was already in the delivery point-and the buyer need to know, so for this 4! In general, satisfied, let's see how long it will last

The result is pretty good. I can see my content on the phone directly without any issue while people next to me won't be easy to look at what I am doing with my phone. It's really useful when I'm taking a bus or subway especially during the peak hours and I don't want people sitting or standing next to me to see what I'm chatting about with my phone.

It will decrease the view angle of course but that's normal for privacy screen protector and that's how it works. Not to say that it's made of tempered glass which has additional protection for the phone.

Great value and highly recommend for people who love privacy screen protector. ''

I liked very much the grandmothers are just delighted. Thank you.

    Great product!

'' We go thru tons of tempured glass screen protectors at the office for our work phones. Some people take public transportation and requested privacy glass screen protectors.

We got these and had 2 people try them out and they love them. It does block someone sitting next to them seeing their screen a bit and it was very easy to apply. I like glass screen protectors because they dont have as many bubbles or any if applied well.

These had no air bubbles and so far have protected the screen great. It does make the screen a bit darker but if looking directly on , its fine. ''

 - John B.

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